Our plan of action is always specific to the client’s current situation and desired outcome. Sometimes, mapping and documenting business processes and operating procedures will clarify a company’s learning strategy and curriculum. At other times a strategic review of learning programs is warranted. In all cases, our approach is to tailor a solution that best fits the needs of the business while remaining focused on bottom line results.

People and resource management
We help our clients manage their most valuable resources through a range of specialist services, including structural reviews, organisational design and future proofing, job design and role clarity. We can also assist with policy development and the recruitment of Learning and Development and HR professionals. 

Analysis and evaluation
The ability to analyse aspects of a business is a key strength of Strategic HR and is at the heart of our learning and development approach. We undertake a range of analysis types including training needs, job and task, target audience, ‘as is’ and ‘to be’ processes and program evaluations. 

Change management
We help businesses with the complexity of managing change in a range of contexts, including where the need for process improvement has been identified. In many cases this involves implementing programs to affect cultural change, including communication and engagement.

Strategic partnerships and alliances
Aligning with specialist partners expands our capacity to solve
business problems and develop solutions in a range of areas,
including technology-based resources, finance, marketing and
media training.

Implementation of HR and L&D programs
Our expertise in project management along with our strong
logistics, planning and change management skills, means we
are well equipped to undertake large scale implementation
and deployment of both HR and Learning and Development
(L&D) programs. This includes performance improvement
initiatives, program logistics and communications, and the
launch and rollout of procedural documentation. We can also
assist with system implementations and integration, with a
focus on user-acceptance, change management, buy-in
and training.

I had the pleasure of working with Anna and her team at Strategic HR Solutions over a number of important projects at Kmart Australia. Right from the beginning, Anna and the team were focused on knowledge transfer. Initially it was transfer from Kmart to SHRS, helping the consultants to get a full understanding of the business and our needs, and in the end all knowledge was successfully transferred back to Kmart as part of the solution handover, meaning no ongoing reliance on external resources.
Ian Thatcher, Kmart


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