Standard operating policies and procedures (SOPs)
Standard operating policies and procedures drive efficiency,
support brand integrity and ensure businesses meet corporate
governance requirements. However, the recording and
documentation of processes and procedures in businesses is
often organic and, as a result, incomplete and inconsistent in
terms of look, language, readability and accessibility.

We specialise in the design and development of clear,
user-focused and comprehensive procedural and policy
documentation. Working with subject matter experts within
your business, we analyse existing materials and identify gaps
and areas of potential exposure. Documentation can be
developed for hard copy or online distribution - or both - and
is always supported by solid protocols for maintenance and
future additions or amendments.

Other documentation
In addition to policy and procedural documentation, we write
online content (for the Web and intranets), develop system
guides and quick reference manuals, and work with our clients
on a broad range of business and HR publications. These include:

orange-bullet2Position descriptions and job specifications (including re-design)
orange-bullet2Operational reports, business cases and business continuity
orange-bullet2Franchise documentation
orange-bullet2Communications, including team talks, newsletters
orange-bullet2Templates, style guides and administrative forms
orange-bullet2Company reports.
Information Mapping®
When working with clients on documentation projects, we
recommend combining their corporate conventions and style
with our formatting, applying the principles of Information

Information Mapping® is a structured documentation methodology
that systematically ‘chunks’ and organises content based on the
audience’s needs and the purpose of the information. ‘Mapping’
makes information easier to read, interpret and use. In an
increasingly online world, this is especially important, as studies
show a growing tendency to skim read. Information Mapped® 
documents are also easier to maintain and adapt, as the content
is presented logically and consistently.

I have worked with Strategic HR on a number of initiatives and like way they investigate and understand my needs before offering solutions. By doing their initial groundwork they have given me a superior product in a shorter timeframe than I could ever achieve internally. High attention to detail combined with great communication means I will use them again.
Timothy Evans, Franchise Business Manager, API


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