We develop specific courses and programs for individual clients, and can also customise any of our existing programs, including:

orange-bullet3Business writing
orange-bullet3Coaching and feedback
orange-bullet3CRI instructional design (for L&D professionals)
orange-bullet3Customer service
orange-bullet3Finance for managers
orange-bullet3Finance for small business
orange-bullet3Frontline management
orange-bullet3Interpersonal skills/communication
orange-bullet3Personal effectiveness (time management)
orange-bullet3Performance management
orange-bullet3Presentation skills
orange-bullet3Recruitment and selection
orange-bullet3Strategic planning
orange-bullet3Team building
orange-bullet3Train the trainer

Client-specific training programs developed and facilitated include industry compliance, technical skills (e.g. supporting the introduction of a new IT system) and a range of process-oriented skills for end users. All programs can be delivered by our facilitators, or we can train your trainers.
Thanks again for an excellent delivery. It was outstanding and I got what I wanted. The sales people were also very impressed and our Commercial Director was thrilled. It was also very satisfying for me to see a lot of the work paying off. It gave us a basis to allow highly functional and relevant discussions, with a strong chance of moving into reality.
Kathryn Thomas, Life Technologies
You really did a superb job and, as well as being totally engaged in your delivery, I sure admired your facilitation techniques. I am a big fan of your anecdotes, unique views, wide business experience and style in adapting to the audience, relating to them with a strong connection and handling any left field comments. I know you made a big difference and I'm quite sure your delivery will result in business impact — the response from this pretty hardened group was amazing.
Gavin Nelson, American Express
The Train the Trainer experience has been wonderfully rewarding and I would like to again thank you for the time you spent with us in Melbourne. The course is fantastic to present, the activities and the ice breakers keep the momentum going and the video clips are entertaining and relevant to the course material.
Leanne Gaw, Zone Implementation Manager QLD North, Kmart
I wanted to let you know that Greg was just amazing today in the workshop and really communicated everything clearly, slowed where appropriate and speed up when needed in response to the participants. Greg’s style was perfect for the group dynamics and his wealth of knowledge and experience clearly came through and was something that the participants have really valued.
Bronwyn Flanagan, Pharmacy Services Manager, API


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