Facilitation of learning programs
Powerful learning programs have three key things in common:
1. Rigorous analysis of the business needs and target audience
2. Thoughtful, creative design of the materials and delivery
3. Excellent execution — bringing the program to life.

We have a proven track record in facilitating a range of courses and programs, as well as in training clients to facilitate programs
themselves. Our facilitation services are inter woven with the
development of learning solutions and include:
orange-bullet3Developing customised courses and programs
orange-bullet3Customising our ‘off the shelf’ programs
orange-bullet3Facilitating programs in-house, and/or training the client’s
shitrainers so they are equipped to run the program themselves.

We also facilitate pre-existing programs, where the client purchases a license, including the facilitator guide, participant workbooks (online or hard copy) and presentation materials. In these cases we can either deliver the course to all participants, or facilitate train-the trainer sessions so the business can roll the program out internally.

Other facilitation services
We develop and facilitate bespoke strategic workshops, planning
sessions and team-building forums for small groups at both senior
and middle management levels.

One-on-one and small team coaching is a powerful way of honing
specific business and personal skills.

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We are experienced at working with executives and managers
in a range of areas including:
orange-bullet3Business skills such as planning, analysis and documentation
orange-bullet3Personal effectiveness including time management
orange-bullet3Interpersonal and communication skills
orange-bullet3Facilitation and presentation skills
orange-bullet3Diagnostic facilitation such as Myers Briggs, Situational Leadership, Team Management Index, DiSC Behavioral Styles and Targeted Selection.


Powerful learning programs have...

blue-bullet2In-depth Training Needs Analysis
blue-bullet2Insightful target audience profile
blue-bullet2Clear competency based learning objectives
blue-bullet2Content relevant to the target audience
blue-bullet2Understanding and application of adult learning principles
blue-bullet2Direct workplace relevance
blue-bullet2Creative and customised approaches
blue-bullet2Alignment with organisational strategy and culture
blue-bullet2Dynamic and engaging material
blue-bullet2Thorough preparation and planning
blue-bullet2Interactive activities and discussion
blue-bullet2Energetic and insightful facilitators
blue-bullet2Evaluation of business results
WOW. This is fantastic — way beyond what I thought we could achieve. The committee really appreciated all the care you
took to get it right, 
looking good and running smoothly and obviously so did all those who attended. Take a big bow!!
Karen Spindler, Manager, Allen Consulting
BlueScope Steel has developed its own brand of Leadership Development branded under an “Essentials” banner. Anna, Greg and
Andrea are 
professional partners in the facilitation of these workshops and also truly valuable contributors, ensuring the BlueScope
Steel Essentials 
programs continue to maintain a high level of positive feedback from students and senior management support.
Eddy Gosek, Learning & Development Specialist, BlueScope Steel


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