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Strategic HR was established in 1996 with the aim of helping clients achieve their business goals through people-focused solutions. Our philosophy: genuine business insights, sound methodologies and tailored, practical ideas. Plus, doing whatever it takes to see the idea succeed. It’s a mindset Strategic HR continues to thrive on. We’ve been helping companies develop talent and capacity, manage change, reduce risk and accelerate performance for over seventeen years. As you’d expect, our strength is in our network of people. A collaborative approach, shared values, instructional design expertise and broad industry experience sets Strategic HR apart. We work across a range of sectors and have specialist learning and development knowledge in retail, manufacturing and the nuances of franchise. It is this combination of experience, expertise and passion that underpins the promise we make to every client — a customised approach, smart solutions and enduring results.



I love the work of artists where it's not until you stand very close that you really understand the detail and work involved in creating the beauty enjoyed
from afar. In a way, our work is similar — it’s the attention to the finest details that makes the
big picture a thing of beauty! If you asked me what
defines us as a team, being able to focus on the big picture without losing
sight of the detail would be high on my list.
Anna Mezger, Strategic HR Director
Anna Mezger, Strategic HR Director



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